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In the production of food, medicine, chemical and petroleum sectors, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are mostly liquids. Making raw materials into semi-finished products and finished products requires a complex process. The pumps play a role in transporting liquids and providing chemicals in these processes. The effect of the pressure and flow of the reaction. In addition, in many devices, a pump is used to adjust the temperature.

In agricultural production, pipeline pumps are the main irrigation and drainage machinery. The rural area of ​​our country is vast, and every year a large number of pumps are needed in rural areas. Generally speaking, agricultural pumps account for more than half of the total output of pumps.

In the mining and metallurgical industries, diaphragm pumps are also the most used equipment. Mine needs to use pumps to drain water. In the process of beneficiation, smelting and rolling, pumps are needed to supply water first.

In the construction field, water pumps provide building automatic water supply and drainage, booster boiler water supply, sparse and complete, no negative pressure water supply, HVAC, fire fighting equipment and other general equipment.

Water pumps provide supporting services for irrigation, drainage, water diversion projects, water supply projects, power plant ash removal, condensate water, circulating water, boiler water supply and other equipment in the fields of municipal administration, water conservancy and electric power.

Water pumps provide sewage treatment, green irrigation, water diversion, water distribution, soil improvement or flood drainage in the environmental protection field.

Others such as water supply and drainage in cities, water used in steam locomotives, bleaching liquids and dyes in the textile industry, pulp in the paper industry, and milk and sugar foods in the food industry all require large amounts of pumps.


(Russia) Labos Inflatable Station 5 sets of KQ axial flow pump 3000 square 4.8m 75kw 3 with 2 preparation ZQ2010-3*4 Efficiency 83.6%


(Belarus) Barres Juice Factory KQSN 1 set


(Belarus) Omsk carbon treatment AY oil pump 5 sets


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