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Market Areas

Fire-fighting Pumps and Relate Control Equipments

XBD Fire-Fighting Pumps and related equipments can totally meet the national standard about Fire pumps on GB6425-2006. All our Fire pumps have passed the inspection of National Fire-fighting Equipments Quality Inspection Center...

Water supply, draining and water conservancy

For the projects of urban water supply system, daily life water supply facilities, and large size water transferring, the best products and solutions can be pro- vided with the single stage pump, multi-stage pump, double suction pump and automatic...

Metallurgy, steel plant coal industry and mine industry

In the whole-line processes from excavation to transferring, even treatment for the industrial application as mining, steel, metallurgical and coal, such prod- ucts as MD multistage pump, KQSN double suction pump, KZJ slurry pump...

Coal- fired power plant and Biological Power Plant

Pump is a primary auxiliary component, which plays a vital role in coal-fired and biological power industries. Our company can produce all kinds of single stage pump, double suction pump, sewage pump, long-axle pump that are widely used in ...

Petrochemical industry

The pump plays an important role in the injecting water to oil field in oil extraction, long-distance oil transferring, and petrochemical refining equip- ent. The pump is the mostly used one of petrochemical production facilities, which can ...

Paper making, pharmaceutical industry, food and light indust

Our fresh water pump, sewage pump and vacuum pump are widely used in paper making, pharma-ceutical, food and light industries. We have provided many high quality products that are widely used in such processes as vacuum distillation...

Construction and heating

Kaiquan has gained customers' trusty by advanced technology, dependable quality and excellent service. Up till 2009, the market occupation rate of our pumps on construction and heating market has been 35%. Different pump and water supply equipment...

Electric power station

Electric power, one of the cleanest energy resources, is the main direction of power energy development. Our company has accumulated many R&D and application experience by continuous development. We have successfully developed many Electric pump.

South-to-North Water Transfer Project

Huai'an Second Station of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Design flow Q = 60m3/s
Design head H = 4.89M
Matching motor P = 5000kW
Impeller diameter D = 4500mm
There are two pumps in total. The field operation is stable and meets the design requirements.


Hinkley Point Electric Power Station

Kevin Lin, President of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd. and relevant personnel of the project were invited to attend the First-level supplier meeting of equipment for the Hinkley Point Electric Power Project (HPC Project) organization.

China-Belarus Industrial Park

Flow : 9400m3/h
Head : 15m
Outlet Diameter : 900mm Submersible Sewage pump with 560 kW Auto-coupling Installed have used smoothly in Europe.


Viet Mam Project

Vertical Axial/Mixed/flow pump(HL,ZL)
Name ofproject : Van An Pump Station
Type of Pump : 1400ZLB( Q= 18000m3/h, H=8,2m, 630kw)
Total unit : 4
Location : Bac Ninh- Van An

Bangkok Thailand Project

Location : Bangkok 
Type of pump : Submersible Axial Flow Pump Technical parameters


Thailand Project

Project:Cooling pump for power plant
Customer:Buayai power
Model:KQSN800-M20S(3 SET), KQSN400-M17(1SET)
Parameter:flow capacity 5500m³/h, Head, 35m

Indonesia---Power plant

Circulating Water Booster Pump
Type : KQSN700-M27J/547 
Capacity : Up to 3700 M3/H
Total Head : 10 M MOTOR 160 KW/8 Pole / 6 kV 
Rotating Speed : 700 Rpm