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WQ Serbmersible Sewage Pump

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The WQ (11-22kW) &WQ(above 30KW)series submersible sewage pumps developed by Shanghai Kaiquan implement the national standard of GB / T24674-2009 "Sewage and Sewage Submersible Electric Pump". It is to absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad.

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Serbmersible Sewage Pump


The WQ (11-22kW) &WQ(above 30KW)series submersible sewage pumps developed by Shanghai Kaiquan implement the national standard of GB / T24674-2009 "Sewage and Sewage Submersible Electric Pump". It is to absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, on the basis of it, integrate the existing sewage pump series. The research and development of innovative no-overload hydraulic model is a true full-lift submersible pump.

Meanwhile, comprehensive optimization design has been carried out in mechanical structure, wiring, sealing, protection, control, etc., so that it has a higher configuration, better hydraulic performance, stronger versatility, and better reliability.

Kaiquan WQ (above 30KW) series submersible drainage pumps are an integral part of Kaiquan smart products. The purpose is to provide professional diagnostic services for users of submersible sewage pumps, to help companies improve production efficiency, avoid latent crises, and reduce production operations cost.

Environmental Requirements of Operation:

1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40 ℃, the density of the medium is ≤1050 kg / m, and the PH value is in the range of 4 ~ 10.

2. The liquid level of the pump during operation must not be lower than the "▽" dimension in the installation dimension drawing.

3. The main parts of the pump are gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, so it can not be used to pump media with strong corrosiveness or containing abrasive solid particles.

4. The diameter of solids in the medium should be smaller than the minimum size of the flow channel. For specific solids size, please refer to WQ (11-22kW) &WQ(above 30KW) series submersible sewage pump performance parameter table"

5. The length of the fiber in the medium should be less than the discharge diameter of the pump.


1. Unique non overload hydraulic design, innovative technology of sewage treatment pump: The innovative design concept of high efficiency and non overload hydraulic model, taking into account the capacity of sewage pump design.

2. Excellent mechanical seal:

The imported Bergman mechanical seal is adopted, and the pump head mechanical seal material is silicon carbide to tungsten carbide, providing the maximum anti-wear ability. The design service life of the mechanical seal is 15000 hours.

3. Self cleaning technology of mechanical seal: Two single face mechanical seals are installed in series. Special spiral grooves or small gaps are used at the pump cover to prevent solid particles from depositing into the mechanical seal at the pump side, so as to achieve the self-cleaning function of mechanical seal and extend the service life of mechanical seal.

4. Short shaft extension design:

The design of short shaft extension can significantly eliminate the eccentricity error of shaft. Reduce the center of gravity of water pump, reduce the running vibration of water pump, and extend the service life of mechanical seal and bearing.

5. Bearing design: The bearing is designed according to the minimum service life of 100000 hours to ensure the normal operation of the water pump.

6. Reliability design of submersible motor: The insulation grade of the motor is class h, with the maximum allowable temperature of 180 ℃. Compared with class F, the motor can withstand higher temperature and is more durable.

7. General pump installation design: There are various installation methods, including automatic coupling installation, connection between the pump and the outlet pipe through the outlet pipe seat of the coupling device, without conventional fasteners, when the pump and the outlet pipe seat are connected and disconnected, it is only necessary to simply lower and lift the pump along the guide rod, which is very heart-saving, labor-saving and time-saving.

8. WQ (above 30KW): Intelligent water pump, cloud remote monitoring; Water pump internal integrated vibration sensor, bearing temperature measurement PT100, winding temperature measurement PT100, oil chamber water leakage, motor chamber water leakage and other protection components, all-round monitoring water pump operation, real-time data display through intelligent control cabinet, automatic operation of alarm or shutdown. At the same time, log in to Shanghai Kaiquan Intelligent Cloud remote monitoring and operation platform for monitoring and operation.


It is mainly used for sewage treatment plant, municipal sewage lifting pump station, water plant, water conservancy drainage and irrigation, water diversion project, integrated pump station, etc. to discharge and deliver sewage, waste water and rainwater containing solid substance and long fiber.

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